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About the Dome


12.10.2022 16:22

Is the dome easy to build? Do I need any specific skills or tools?

Geodesic Dome Kits are designed specifically with self-assembly in mind. By following steps described in the assembly manual, provided together with the structure, you can build the dome with help of your friends, family or co-workers. Each Geodesic Dome kit that we provide includes all parts and hand tools that you are going to need during the process of assembly. You will be informed what equipment to prepare for the installation depending on your dome customization. You can also decide on a supervisor who will come over and help your local crew by advising and monitoring their work. We calculate the costs individually, as we need to check the location, schedule, dome customization and quantity to calculate it. If you are planning to launch a glamping resort and don’t want to arrange any local crew, we can also offer installation of your domes. We need to create a personalized quote for such service so the best option is to consult the cost with your sales manager.

What if I decide that I need help to assemble a Dome?

Our Dome kits are designed with self-assembly in mind, however if you decide that you need help with assembly process and get professional training – you can order our Supervision service at any time, even if you initially ordered your dome kit without this service. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions or want to discuss the assembly process with our experts, you can always contact our team at: to get assistance with the assembly process.

What if I need to move my dome to another location?

Dome Self-Assembly Kits come with assembly and dismantle instructions. By following our step-by-step manuals you will be able to break down you dome structure safely and move it to another location.