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About the Dome


12.10.2022 16:00

When it comes to membrane colours, are there any other properties that are different between each of them?

Each membrane colour in our offer has the same thickness of 650g/sqm, same fire retardant and fungicide coating, operating temperature (-40°C / +70°) and expected lifespan up to 12 years (depending on site-specific conditions). The only difference is colour, which depending on a shade may prevent or promote heat buildup. Generally, in case of sites exposed to the direct sunlight throughout the day, we recommend avoiding dark shades like Forest Green.

I wish to combine insulation with the skylight window. Does it significantly reduce the insulated area?

While uncovered, the skylight window insignificantly decreases the insulation area. However, when you order the insulation for your dome, you also receive a complete set of insulation panels that allows you to cover the window if you find that necessary. In such case, the dome is fully insulated and does not differ from a structure without the skylight window.

How does the solar fan work?

The solar fan is a completely off-grid hot air extractor powered by solar a solar cell. Its speed varies depending on the amount of sunlight it is exposed to. Meaning that during the cold days with overcast it is either disabled or runs at a very low speed, while during the hot days with scorching sunlight it runs at a full speed, effectively preventing any heat buildup.

How effective is the woodburning stove you are offering with larger domes? (e.g. Glamping 50-75)

Entire Glamping line-up is offered with a modern 8kW wood burning stove. Its power is sufficient to heat even the largest structures in our offer. However, if you are planning to build a large dome in very extreme climate, in an arctic circle, for example, you may consider using our optional chimney kit with a more powerful unit or use our recommended method and add additional mineral wood mats between the membrane and the insulation liner. You may also want to consider floor heating or an air-conditioning device with a heating option.