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Glamping 20 PVC Ground Cover
Glamping 20 PVC Ground Cover
630 € (496 € + VAT)

Glamping 20 PVC Ground Cover

The durable PVC Ground covering seals the dome completely off the ground and prevents humidity and unwanted pests from getting inside.
PVC Ground covering is suitable for all types of bases (grass, wooden decks, concrete slabs, etc).
Additional floor covering (such as coir matt, carpet, wooden boards, etc.) placed on top of a PVC Ground cover is highly recommended.

630 € (496 € + VAT)
  • Base area: 20 m2 / 215 sq ft
  • Diameter: 5.1 m / 16.7 ft
  • Material: black PVC architectural membrane
  • 650 g/sqm thick, fire-retardant (DIN 4102, B1/M2)
  • 100% water-proof, very high tear and tensile strength
  • Easy cleaning / can be power-washed
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